I had a very life changing experience that kind of put me into a slump for a long period of time.  I ended up feeling sorry for myself for ages and not drawing for a period of around 7 months, it was horrible and unproductive.  By chance I was commissioned to draw an image of a dragon to present as a gift to a friend of a friend, and it gave me an opportunity to slowly rethink my approach in life and crawl out of my self afflicted abyss of self pity.


This image took me at least 3 months from concept to completion, alot longer than usual for an image of this simplicity, but it allowed me to go back to basics and enjoy drawing again.  Some of it is still pretty rough, but this image holds a great place in my heart - to be abit overly dramatic, you can kinda say it brought me back from the brink of despair, and I'm all the more better for it.

Client: Private Commission

Medium: Digital,  Photoshop, Illustrator


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