I've never had any real direction for my work, and the creative juices have been somewhat waning.  I think as grown-ups we tend to get bogged down with details and forget the bigger picture, a condition that I have been afflicted with as an adult.  There was a time in my life where I actually enjoyed illustrating for the sake of illustration, before it was put into my brain that I should be compensated for my abilities.


There are experiences we have in life that have the ability of changing your perception of the world around you permanently.  Fatherhood would be a great example. Seeing a little version of you learning to talk, walk, seeing the world through her eyes, and remembering that innocence we once had but forgot along the way is very sobering, it's akin to looking at your reflection one day and seeing how ragged and tired you have become, realising that your moustache stubble makes you look creepy and that somehow, the bags under your eyes escaped your attention, even though you stare blank-faced into the mirror every morning while brushing your teeth.

Client: Personal

Medium: Digital,  Photoshop


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