'To The Grave' are a metal/hardcore band out of Sydney, Australia.


I was approached to come up with an album concept for their second launch, a fully fledged album, titled 'Expect Resistance'.


This time I worked off of studio mixes in the lead up to the actual  launch and was given free reign in terms of concept, as long as it conveyed a sense of dread and gloom.


The concept we came to was the idea of a desolate earth, overrun by epic alien beings, using humans as fuel to power their infernal machines - the 'poop chute' was the exit channel of these huge machines, installed in multitudes onto the surface of earth and connected to huge monoliths by way of pipelines that towered over the battered remains of our planet.  Byproducts and excrement would spew out of these onto the surface, adding to the already damaged landscape.

Client: To The Grave - Musician

Medium: Digital,  Photoshop


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